DIY Project: Metallic Wood Crate

The holidays are here and I can’t think of a better way to personalize gifts and home decor than Do-It-Yourself projects. There is nothing quite like recieving a gift someone took the time to make especially for you. But before we go any further, a little disclaimer: I am in no way a DIY expert. This project is simple, but can be perfected by those with the skills to do so. For the rest of us novices, however, this project is easy and makes for great storage at home or a perfect gift basket.


What You’ll Need:


What To Do:

  1.  Begin by sanding any parts of the crate that do not feel smooth. I only lightly sanded areas that could give splinters.
  2. Use appropriately-sized sponge brushes to apply the antique bronze paint to the crate. You will need to alternate sizes as you paint to get an even coat in the smaller and tighter areas. Be sure to wear gloves.
  3. Apply one (1) coat of paint and let dry completely. I achieved my results with one coat, but you may sand and re-apply the paint as many times as you’d like.
  4. Very lightly sand different areas of the finished crate to add a little rustic charm.
  5. This bit is optional, but you may add signs, symbols or letters with stencils. I added a “K” in  the 24K Gold paint.


There you have it! This super easy DIY project can also be done as a family project with the kiddos. I hope you enjoy doing this as much as I did.

XOXO, Kristen



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