Goodbye 2017: A Year in Review

Happy New Year!

I have no doubt that you’ve already nailed down your resolutions and hung up your vision board but I’d like to press rewind. I think it’s extremely important to review the past before starting anew. Reexamining the good, bad, and ugly from the year before cultivates positive and impactful behavior going forward. Also, I find that I am able to set more meaningful goals and realistic approaches to completing them once I’ve done this quick activity. So let’s get to it.

Describe 2017 in one word. (Does not necessarily have to be an adjective.)


Explain why you chose that word. (No min. or max. length here, just write how you feel.)

I chose the word change because my year was filled with it.  I left my university, moved many miles away from home, loc’d my hair, became a military spouse, became a mother, met new friends, and lost a loved one.

What are your greatest achievements of 2017?

Becoming a mother is my greatest achievement of 2017, heck, it’s the greatest achievement of my life. I absolutely love my son and I know I was meant to be his mom.

I also started my loc journey, which is something I’m super proud of. First, because it takes an amount of discipline I wasn’t sure I had. Secondly, because I’ve grown so much from this experience mentally and spiritually and still have so much more to gain.

What are some things you noticed in 2017 that you’d like to improve going forward?

  • My diet.
  • My physical wellbeing.
  • My self care strategies.
  • My initial response to hectic/dramatic situations.

What are some ways you can improve these things? (Be as specific as possible here.)

  • Research and learn healthful recipes.
  • Start and stay accountable to a workout routine.
  • Start an improved self care regimen.
  • Practice patience.

With the steps above taken into account, what are some of your goals for the new year? (Don’t worry, repetition from the answers above is a good thing.)

  • Eat healthier meals and cut out the junk foods.
  • Work out more.
  • Take better care of my mental and emotional self.

My lists are not exhaustive, but I hope it serves as a good sample for the exercise. I encourage you to get as specific as possible to better unearth and work through your goals. If you’d like to work through this exercise, I’ve created an in-depth downloadable PDF for you. Happy goal-setting!

XO, Kristen



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