How To Make A Digital Vision Board in 5 Easy Steps

Vision boards are amazing tools. They give physical representation to intangible goals and serve as motivation in your journey to fulfilling your dreams. Vision boards can be and look like whatever you want them to. They can portray goals for your year, life, or specific interests. There is no wrong way to make a vision board. Let me repeat that. THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO MAKE A VISION BOARD.

If you don’t have the time or resources (who wants to buy a $20 magazine?) to craft a physical vision board, I suggest making a digital one. It can be done on your smartphone and still has all the same benefits of a physical board if displayed openly. Let’s get to it!

  1. Download a collage app to your smartphone. I used Pic Collage, but Pic Stitch and Pic Monkey are very popular and will serve the same purpose.
  2. Gather inspiring images from the internet. Pick images that mirror your goals or that spark something in you. Don’t get caught up in matching the aesthetic of vision boards from your favorite YouTuber, your artistic friend, or your Instagram hashtag search. This is by you, for you.
  3. Place pictures and decorate board. Use the grids or freestyle your board. Personally, I like the straight out of a magazine look of vision boards, so I cut out my images with the scissors tool and did not use the grid format. You do what speaks to you. When you are done placing your images, you can add stickers or background colors to liven things up a bit. Depending on the app you use, these may cost you a dollar and some change.
  4. Save your board. When you are satisfied with your masterpiece, make sure you save the image to your Photo library. Most apps will also offer share options, so you can upload it directly to your social media profiles if you wish.
  5. Display your board. This is the most important step of completing any vision board, digital or otherwise. You must display your board somewhere you will see it daily. Seeing it constantly is what creates motivation to complete your goals and also may serve as a reminder throughout the year of goals you’ve neglected. Digital vision boards can be screen savers for your phone and laptop. I suggest displaying it on the device you use the most.

Here’s the digital vision board I created to reflect my health and wellness goals for 2018. It’s displayed as my  home screen saver.

If you’d like to share yours, post your digital vision board in the comments! I’d love to see what your goals for 2018 look like.

XO, Kristen



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