Brandless Review

You probably just read the title and are wondering what the heck I’m talking about. I’m talking about the future. I’m talking about the most amazing thing since sliced bread. I’m talking about a major game changer for us millennial women trying to live this organic life. Okay okay, I won’t keep you in the dark any longer…

I’m talking about Brandless!

Brandless is an online grocery shopping website where everything is…*drum roll*…. $3! Yes, only $3! I’ll wait while you pick up your jaw because I haven’t even told you the best part. Everything is non-GMO and mostly organic! Besides food, they offer health and beauty products, household cleaning supplies, and even home and office items! The site explains that these low prices are made possible by eliminating the brand tax that is placed on name brand items. Hence, the name Brandless. I discovered this site on Instagram and naturally stalked the hashtag for an hour…or two. Don’t judge, it’s called research, people! After reading all the amazing reviews, I needed to try it for myself.


I ordered 7 items and received them 5 days after placing my order. I must admit that I’m in love with Brandless! The food is tasty and fresh. The coconut oil is bomb! And the body lotion has wiggled its way into my daily routine. My only complaint is that I need bigger sizes of everything. If they introduced a wholesale feature, I’d be in heaven!

This is a total game changer for college students, moms, and everyone in-between honestly. They have on-the-go snacks, pantry essentials, and even feminine hygiene items!

Brandless even offers $1 shipping on your first order and an annual membership to help you save even more money.

For what its worth, Brandless definitely has my seal of approval. I encourage you to check it out here.

Happy shopping!

XO, Kristen

I am in no way affiliated with this company and all opinions expressed are my own. I do not profit from any sales made through links on this post. I just want y’all to flourish.


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