What I Wish I Packed In My Hospital Bag

If you are anything like me, you’ve probably spent hours watching YouTube videos about what moms-to-be packed in their hospital bags. You may have even taken notes and shopped their links for that super spacious duffel bag they used. After the fifteenth video, however, your list is probably a mile long and you’re no closer to understanding what you’ll really need and what you can do without. So before you watch another “What I Packed” video, I’d like to share with you what I wished I packed in my hospital bag. I think this will really help you make those final cuts when it comes time to pack.

When I packed my hospital bag, I skimped. I was told by many that the hospital would have what the baby and I needed, so there was no need to pack things like diapers and wipes. Which, by the way, turned out to be true. I didn’t pack diapers, wipes, or excessive amounts of clothing for myself and the baby. Instead, I was able to take home a pack of diapers, wipes, blankets, nasal suctioning bulbs, and postpartum healing aides such as pads, ice packs and numbing spray. This was in addition to important paperwork and baby’s first mementos (i.e. the hat he wore immediately after birth, etc).  Remember to leave room in your bag for things you are allowed to take home from the hospital. Leaving it after your insurance has been charged for it would be a waste.

In my hospital bag, I packed:

  • Going home outfit for me
  • Going home outfit for baby
  • Cheap Slippers
  • Hygiene essentials

That’s it! And for the most part, I don’t regret it. If I could go back, though, here’s what I’d add and why:

  1. Post-delivery hospital gown and robe. I know this may sound extremely extra, but after you deliver you realize two things: 1. You’re hospital gown doesn’t really fit right and 2. It’s cold AF in your recovery suite. I was freezing in my room day and night, and I really hated not having a gown that fit and closed completely. It’s a solid need, trust me.
  2. Quality Slippers. As mentioned above, I opted for cheap slippers from Walmart. Don’t do what I did. The soles separated during early labor and my toes stuck out. I ended up tossing them and relying on hospital socks for the rest of my stay which really sucked for me. If you’re going to bring slippers with you, get a pair that cost more than $5.
  3. Outfit for pictures. This is really important and I missed out on newborn photography because I didn’t have this. Pack a comfortable yet elegant top for yourself for newborn pictures. The baby will most likely be photographed as is, but you can pack an outfit for them too if you’d like. After birth, I felt tired and unlike myself. Not having photo-worthy clothing added to my reasons not to do the photo session. Looking back, I really regret not having them done. P.S. #1 on this list will satisfy this need. Post delivery gowns and robes are usually very pretty and comfortable and totally photo-worthy.
  4. Backup pair of socks and mittens for Baby. When we were preparing to leave the hospital, I couldn’t find where I’d placed my baby’s socks and mittens. I was freaking out because it was cold and rainy that day and he couldn’t leave the hospital without them. I found them eventually but it would have been so nice to just reach for the backup pair.

I hope this helps!

XO, Kristen



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