Welcome to THE COCOA LENS + Starting YouTube

Hey everyone!

If you’re a returning subscriber to the blog, you’re probably wondering what the heck all this change is about? What’s The Cocoa Lens? YouTube? Let me explain.

When I started my blog last year, my aim was to provide authentic and interesting content about my experiences with motherhood, healthy living, and life. When I started this blog, I went with a fairly common handle. Being a millennial mom is extremely relatable and I thought that blogging under this name (Millennial Mama Blogs) would help grow my audience. However, because the handle was already so popular in many forms, my blog did the opposite of standing out. That coupled with the fact that your girl still hasn’t mastered the black magic that is SEO, meant that my blog literally drowned in the “sea of similarity” i.e. the multitude of similar or identical blogs, articles and other prose about the same topics. Lastly, even though I wanted to create unique content, my blog images were just not doing the trick. Although aesthetically pleasing, the images were not personable in any way. It was time for a change.

This is when the idea of The Cocoa Lens was born. Talking about motherhood, intentional/natural living, and life was still very important to me. I just wanted to combine it with my flair and personality. The Cocoa Lens is essentially a huge play on words. “Cocoa” addresses my beautiful chocolate skin while “Lens” points to seeing things from my point of view. And also the fact that I love photography. I couldn’t think of a more unique and true to form handle for my blog. Thus, The Cocoa Lens was born.

YouTube? Yes, I’m starting YouTube. I’ve wanted to start making videos on YouTube for years.Part of not doing so included having a very protective parent (Hi Mom!) who didn’t want random videos of her child on a very new and unproven platform and later, my own insecurities. However, I’m at point in my life now where either are no longer good excuses. I put myself out there all the time when blogging, which I’ve been doing now for over a year. So, why not do YouTube?

I will be posting new blog posts and YouTube videos every week on Thursdays. Make sure to follow the blog, my YouTube channel, and my instagram so that you don’t miss a thing! I’ll also have the new video linked to my posts here just in case all that seems like too much and you need a one stop shop. I got you!

So, that’s how all this came to be. I hope you’re as excited as I am to be on this new journey!

XO, Kristen


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